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Language Resource Center

Language Programs at Cornell

Languages are offered at Cornell by nine different academic units - six departments, one center and two programs, all in the College of Arts and Sciences. For questions regarding particular courses, placement, employment, and translations, please address those departments directly. The departments offer about 45 languages, about 30 of which offer courses through second year and can be used to satisfy the Arts College language requirement. The Einaudi Center for International Studies also provides support for some courses.

Language Resource Center

The Language Resource Center is a unit in the College of Arts and Sciences that supports language teaching and learning. The LRC is located on the ground floor at Stimson Hall at Cornell University. We maintain a student facility with technology-based resources and environments for language learning. The LRC also supports teachers in materials development. Our support team includes a director, administrator, technology manager and media development manager. Finally, the LRC arranges and sponsors events of intellectual interest to language teachers, with usually six to eight invited speakers each year.

Teacher's Resources

LRC Media

The LRC maintains a large library of media files online. Some of these are created by Cornell language teachers, and some are part of publishers' packages, which we have put on the web with permission. The LRC website also includes media workbooks, which are web pages that combine audio or video with questions that students answer online. The LRC offers a set of web page tools specially designed for language program and language course web sites which can be easily customized and updated by teachers. Web Audio Lab, developed jointly by the LRC and Slava Paperno of the Russian Department, provides students with an efficient and powerful oral learning environment.