Spanish 1230


Course coordinator

NameSilvia Amigo-Silvestre
OfficeMorrill Hall 411
PhonePlease contact me by email.
Office hoursMonday-Thursday from 2:30 to 3:00

Course description

Spanish 1230 is a 4-credit-course that meets four days per week (Monday through Thursday). The goal of this low-intermediate course is to achieve a higher level of comprehension as well as to advance oral and written expression in a cultural context. Small classes are conducted entirely in Spanish and the language is used in communicative, creative, and critical thinking activities. Students engage in linguistic and literary analysis of texts of acquire new vocabulary, complete analytical exercises, and develop reading strategies. Students continue to develop writing skills by writing and editing compositions on various subjects and review grammatical structures on their own, although the instructor may clarify as needed. Oral presentations, daily preparation, and active participation are required.


45-55 on the LPS (Language Placement in Spanish), 460-580 on the SAT II or a passing grade in Spanish 112 or Spanish 1220. Students without one of these placement categories must take the LPS online. Failure to do so would mean waiting another semester to take the course. To take the test go to:  (after taking the test the program will let you know your score and the class you should sign up for).


All students must take the course for a letter grade; the S/U option is not available.

If the section you are trying to add is full, talk to your instructor to get your name on the wait list, and keep on trying to add it online. When registration converts to “Instructor’s Permission Only”, your instructor and/or the course coordinator will let you know if there is an opening. To keep your name on the wait list you must attend class every day and complete the assignments.  Usually students, who persevere and are flexible, get in one of the course sections. Please do not buy the books yet if you are not officially registered. All the materials are available in Uris Library (on Reserve) to do the assignments in the meantime.

Required textbooks

1. ¡Avance! (textbook), 2nd edition, McGraw-Hill, 2008

Cuaderno de Práctica, Avance (workbook/lab manual), 2nd edition, McGraw-Hill, 2008

Sorpresas – 3rd edition, Thomson-Heinle, 2008 (Elena Olazagasti-Segovia)

IMPORTANT: Please do not buy the books yet if you are not officially registered. All the materials are available in Uris Library (on Reserve) for you to do the assignments in the meantime.

Course Structure and Policies (SPRING 2014)

Course and Time Roster for Spanish