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Language Resource Center

G-03 Video Viewing Room has a large plasma TV with a DVD/VHS player and a creation station iMac computer with group recording capabilities for projects or special assignments. The room accommodates 18-20, with tables and tablet chairs. Make a reservation.

G-05 Video Classroom is for class activities that require video recording, media playback and videoconferencing. There is a video camera and microphone integrated in the room, along with a Plasma screen for recording or media playback. The videoconference facility is available for no-cost connections around the world for meetings or language classes. The room accommodates a maximum of about 18. This room is used only with teacher supervision. Make a reservation.

Mac Classroom is in room 101B, just off the main student lab area. It has some acoustic isolation from the rest of the lab. There are 12 double carrels and 4 single carrels plus a teacher station/podium and projector. Each carrel has an iMac computer with basic web and word processing software and Internet connection. The machines in this room normally boot to Mac OS, but can be restarted and booted into Windows OS. There is also a seminar table for 16 students. The room may be reserved for classes at particular hours, or a certain number of carrels may be reserved. At other times, the room is open to individual student use. Make a reservation.

Language Lab is normally open for individual student use whenever the building is open. For teachers working with students in a part of this large room, a specified number of carrels can be reserved. In all, there are 55 carrels, with 40 dual-boot iMacs, which normally boot to Windows OS, but can be rebooted to Mac OS. Make a reservation.