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A Note on Characters

We teach both traditional and simplified Chinese characters in our beginning summer program. While many of our students go on to work where simplified characters are standard, we also have students who have gone on to careers in Taiwan or Hong Kong where traditional characters are still the norm.

A large number of Chinese characters are the same in both traditional and simplified forms, and those that do differ mostly do so in systematic, easily recognizable ways.  We provide explicit instruction that helps students develop effective reading skills in both systems, and writing skills in the system of their choice.

Mandarin Chinese Curriculum

Over the past forty years, Cornell's intensive Chinese curriculum has developed students' ability to engage in culturally appropriate verbal interaction and the ability to read with accuracy. Students work on all four language skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing.

The program consists of four hours of daily instruction, including four separate meetings of small, interactive classes conducted entirely in Chinese by native speakers.

A limit of eight students per section allows for ample attention to each student's needs. You'll receive continuous feedback on pronunciation and grammar, and extra assistance when learning difficulties arise.

Intermediate IMPAC uses a variety of materials, some of them written specifically for this program, including exercises, dialogs for conversation practice, and interactive online materials.