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Events of 2015-2016

This year's events are co-sponsored by the Einaudi Center for International Studies, the Institute for European Studies, the East Asia Program, the South Asia Program, the Southeast Asia Program and the Departments of Romance Studies, Near Eastern Studies, German Studies and Asian Studies.

April 14

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Emotions in Foreign Language Learning

Jean-Marc Dewaele, Professor in Applied Linguistics and Multilingualism
Dept of Applied Linguistics and Communication, Birbeck, University of London

Thursday April 14, 4pm, Noyes Lodge

Reception before and after the talk
In this lecture I will present an overview of the recent surge of interest in the field of emotion and foreign language acquisition, after many years of neglect (Dörnyei & Ryan, 2015). I will consider individual differences in 1740 learners' Foreign Language Enjoyment (FLE) and Foreign Language Anxiety (FLA) in the FL classroom (Dewaele & MacIntyre, 2014, 2016) and how this affects their experience of flow (Dewaele & MacIntyre, 2015).
Finally, I present recent research on the effects of learner-internal variables and variables linked to the teacher and teaching practices on FLA and FLE of 189 students in two British high schools.


Dewaele, J.-M. & MacIntyre, P. D. (2014). The two faces of Janus? Anxiety and Enjoyment in the Foreign Language Classroom. Studies in Second Language Learning and Teaching, 4 (2), 237-274.

Dewaele, J.-M. & MacIntyre, P. D. (2015). Flow in the Foreign Language Classroom. Unpublished ms.

Dewaele, J.-M. & MacIntyre, P. D. (2016). Foreign Language Enjoyment and Foreign Language Classroom Anxiety. The right and left foot of FL learning? In P. MacIntyre, T. Gregersen & S. Mercer (eds.) Positive psychology in SLA. Bristol: Multilingual Matters

Dörnyei, Z. & Ryan, S. (2015). The Psychology of the Language Learner - Revisited. New York: Routledge.

Jean-Marc Dewaele is Professor of Applied Linguistics and Multilingualism. He investigates individual differences in psycholinguistic, sociolinguistic, pragmatic, psychological and emotional aspects of bi- and multilingualism. He is Vice-President of the International Association of Multilingualism, Convenor of the AILA Research Network Multilingualism and former president of the European Second Language Association. He is General Editor of the International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism. He is recipient of the 'Robert C. Gardner Award for Outstanding Research in Bilingualism' from the International Association of Language and Social Psychology (2016).
May 20

Friday, May 20, 2016
LRC Spring Workshop
9am- 12:00pm, followed by light lunch
Noyes Lodge
This workshop will highlight the Cornell Interactive Theater Ensemble, a long-standing group that has performed for many Cornell and other organizational groups. They specialize in acting out situations that raise issues of diversity and interpersonal misunderstanding, and then promoting extended group discussion about those topics. The sessions are very compelling and often illuminating. Of course language teachers, with our small classes and close contact with students, often encounter situations in this area, either firsthand or in counseling. Also, the cross-cultural nature of our work in some cases makes the communication more complex.

The first hour of the workshop will feature technology updates from the LRC, including Blackboard, Wordpress, Video-on-demand and Zaption, as well as an update on the eternal MOVE topic.