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Events of 2017-2018

February 22
Thursday, February 22, 4pm, Stimson G25
Followed by reception

Susan Gass, University Distinguished Professor
Department of Linguistics and Germanic, Slavic, Asian and African Languages
Michigan State University

"Learning to Listen: Can Captions Help?"
Listening skills are often the last skill to develop in foreign language learning. This presentation will focus on classroom use of listening-based videos with a particular emphasis on the use of captions for language teaching/learning in foreign language classrooms. I will first present results from large scale assessments at Michigan State University. From these results, we can better understand how proficiency in listening compares to proficiency in other skills. One common tool for teaching listening is to use captions to aid in understanding. However, the usefulness of this pedagogical tool is mitigated by a number of factors. I will present results from studies in which the focus was on the relative usefulness of captions depending on language, proficiency, and order of presentation when listening materials are played twice (with and without captions). I will also look at eye-tracking data from English learners of Spanish and Chinese and Arabic learners of English. The eye-tracking data, coupled with working memory data, provide insight into the attentional focus of captions and the potentially resultant split-attention effect. I will end with some pedagogical implications.
March 2-4
Friday March 2 through Sunday March 4
Conference of the Northeast Association of Language Learning and Technology

This popular regional conference is returning to Ithaca for the third time in 10 years. It was last held in Ithaca in 2013. This is a fairly small friendly conference of language teachers from around the Northeast talking about their teaching practice. It is an opportunity to hear about theoretical and practical ideas of other teachers and to have conversation about language teaching, particularly related to technology use. The call for proposals for the conference will be coming out in November. This is an opportunity to focus your own ideas into a presentation for other teachers.
April 13
Friday, April 13, 4pm, Stimson G25
Followed by reception

María Luisa Parra, Senior Preceptor in Romance Languages and Literatures
Department of Romance Languages and Literatures
Harvard University

"Art in the Language Classroom"
May 11
Friday, May 11, 9am-12pm Stimson G25
Followed by lunch

LRC Spring Workshop