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Southeast Asia


The M.A. in Asian Studies: Southeast Asia is an interdisciplinary degree program which emphasizes language and area studies on Southeast Asia in the social sciences, the humanities, and selected professional fields.

The program is designed for individuals who plan on, or who are already engaged in, professional careers -- business, diplomacy, journalism, banking, law -- that require a strong background in Southeast Asia, and for students who wish to acquire language/area studies proficiency before pursuing a disciplinary Ph.D. program.

The degree requirements are: proficiency in at least one Southeast Asian language (the equivalent of three years of non-intensive language study). This can be obtained in two academic years plus one summer or in two summers and one academic year. Students can also complete the equivalent of one year of language studies by attending the Southeast ASia Summer Studies Institute (SEASSI).

In addition to language study, each M.A. candidate is expected to successfully complete (with a grade no less than B-)a minimum of eight one-semester courses. While most of these courses are expected to be those taught by Southeast Asia Program faculty, it is also possible to enroll in other courses in the social sciences and humanities. A written thesis must be submitted by all candidates, 50 to 80 pages in length, on a topic approved by the thesis advisor. The M.A. thesis should be an independent contribution to scholarship on Southeast Asia.

The academic program of each M.A. candidate is supervised by a two or three person special committee comprised of faculty members of the Asian Studies: Southeast Asia graduate faculty. The candidate and his/her special committee plan all elements of graduate study, including course work and the M.A. thesis.