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Larry McCrea

Sanskrit Studies

(Ph.D., U. of Chicago)

347 Rockefeller Hall
(607) 254-6738

Larry McCrea received his Ph.D. in South Asian Languages & Civilizations in 1998 from the University of Chicago, and his BA in 1989 from Cornell University in the Cornell College Scholar Program.

His most recent book project "The Teleology of Poetics in Medieval Kashmir", Harvard Oriental Series (Spring 2009), deals with the conceptual revolution in Sanskrit poetic theory brought about by the work of the ninth century Kashmiri Anandavardhana. He argues that the most crucial innovation Anandavardhana introduced in the field of poetics was his application to literary analysis of a teleological approach to text interpretation imported from the discipline of scriptural hermeneutics. (Mimamsa).


  • "The Teleology of Poetics in Medieval Kashmir", Harvard Oriental Series, Spring 2007.
  • "Just Like Us, Just Like Now': The tactical Implications of the Mimamsa Rejection of Yogic Perception", in Yogic Perception, Meditation, and Altered States of Consciousness, Institut fur Kultur - und Geistesgeschichte Asiens (forthcoming).
  • "Prajnakaragupta on the Pramanas and their Objects", Proceedings of the Fourth International Dharmakirti Conference (forthcoming).
  • Articles on Dramatic Theory (India) and Dramatic Structure (India) in Encyclopedia of Asian Theatre, ed. Sam Leiter, Greenwood Press (forthcoming 2007).
  • "Playing with the System: Fragmentation and Individualization in Late Pre-colonial Mimamsa", Journal of Indian Philosophy (forthcoming).
  • "Poetry in Chains: Commentary and Control in the Sanskrit Commentarial Tradition", in Language, Myth, and Poetry in Ancient India and Iran, Israeli Academy of Sciences and Humanities (forthcoming).
  • (with Parimal Patil) "Traditionalism and Innovaton: Philosophy, Exegesis, and Intellectual History in Jnanasrimitra's Apohaprakarana", Journal of Indian Philosophy, Vol. 34.4 (2006), pp. 303-366.
  • "Mahimabhatta's Theory of Poetic Flaws," Journal of the American Oriental Society 124.1 (2004), pp. 77-94.
  • "Novelty of Form and Novelty of Substance in 17th Century Mimamsa", Journal of Indian Philosophy, Vol. 30-5, October 2002, pp. 481-494.
  • (with Yigal Bronner) "The Poetics of Distortive Talk: Plot and Character in Ratnakara's Fifty Verbal Perversions (Vakroktipancasika)," Journal of Indian Philosophy, Vol. 29.4, August 2001, pp. 435-464.
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  • Review of Peter M. Scharf, The Denotation of Generic Terms in Ancient Indian Philosophy, Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society, Third Series, Volume 9, Part 2 (July 1999), pp. 308-311.
  • Article "Sanskrit Language", Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia, 2000 edition.
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