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Vietnamese Language At Cornell
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Language Contact Person: Thy Tranviet
Phone: 607-254-6715
Office: 335 Rockefeller
Office Hours (Spring 2016): Mondays 2:30-3:30pm; Wed 1-2pm and by appointment.
The Vietnamese Language At Cornell
The Vietnamese language program at the Department of Asian Studies at Cornell offers four levels of language training in Vietnamese from elementary to advanced, and a course in independent study. Four language skills, including speaking, listening, reading and writing are important components of the course. Beginning and Intermediate Vietnamese courses focus on topics dealing with daily aspects of Vietnamese life. Advanced levels explore various issues in modern society through different types of reading texts.

Cornell Area Program Affiliation: Southeast Asia Program
  • Registration Information
    Students enrolling AFTER the pre-enrollment deadlines will need to get a permission code from me. Please note that the times for the classes are to be arranged. We will meet at the organizational meeting to sort out class times (see above/below or somewhere on this web page).
  • Courses offered in Spring 2016
    VIET 1100, VIET 1122 and VIET 3302. All new *non-beginning* students must see the instructor for a placement exam.
  • Placement Exam - Fall semester only
    New students who have studied Vietnamese elsewhere or have some background in the language are required to take a placement test. Absolute beginners may enroll directly into VIET 1121. Please note that this is a placement test, so come as you are, you do not need to study or prepare anything for it. The placement exam will be offered only one time at the beginning of each semester. For more information, please email me at
    Location: 335 Rockefeller Hall
    Time: TBA
  • Organizational Meeting - VIET 1122. Spring 2016
    The organizational meeting for VIET 1122 will not be necessary. Class times will be MWF 9:45-10am. If you did not take VIET 1121 last semester (Fall 2015) and would like to be in the class, please email the instructor for more information.
  • Summer Travel Scholarships for Undergraduates
    The Department of Asian Studies is offering summer travel scholarships to undergraduates taking Asian language courses. Students who have studied an Asian language will have the opportunity to travel to the country where it is spoken, to improve their language skills, and to experience the culture firsthand. Contact the office of Asian Studies in 350 Rockefeller Hall for more information.
  • Organizational Meeting - VIET 1100. Spring 2016.
    The organizational meeting will be on Friday, January 29 at 3pm in Rockefeller 335. The first class will meet the following week. Please email the instructor (tdt5) for more information.
    Location: 335 Rockefeller Hall
    Time: Friday, January 29, 2016 at 3pm

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