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Sanskrit Literature At Cornell
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Contact Person: Lawrence McCrea
Phone: 607-254-6366
Office: 370 Rockefeller Hall
Sanskrit Literature
This category designates courses in which assigned readings are in Sanskrit, as well as upper level (4400 and above) in which Sanskrit and allied literatures are taught in translation.

For undergraduates most of these courses may be used to fulfill distribution requirements in the humanities, in literature and the arts, historical analysis, or cultural analysis. These courses are not designed to fulfill undergraduate language requirements.

For courses in Sanskrit designed to fulfill undergraduate language requirements, please refer to courses prefixed SANSK.

For courses in Sanskrit literature, philosophy and religion taught in translation below the 4400 level, please refer to courses listed under the prefix ASIAN.

Sanskrit Literature At Cornell
The program seeks to provide students with a firm grounding in a wide range of disciplines and genres of Sanskrit poetic, religious, and philosophical literature.

Each term the program offers a course in Advanced Sanskrit (SNLIT 3301-3302). The course is designed to be repeated; ordinarily the readings will concentrate on literary/aesthetic and philosophical texts in alternating years, so that students who take the course for two or more years will get a strong grounding in both areas.

In addition, the program offers a wide-ranging survey course in Sanskrit and Prakrit literature in translation (Ancient Indian Literature, SNLIT 4465), which is taught in alternating years.

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